Breathneage — A mirror for your breathing

Type: Individual project

Instructor: Daniel Rozin

Duration: Nov 27, 2018 – Dec 14, 2018

What is it?

Breathneage is a mediation aid that helps users focus at the present and breathe more consciously. It is comprised of a belt that monitor users’ chest movement and a balloon that mirrors users’ breathing pattern. When user breathes in, the balloon inhales. Vice versa. Instead of instructing users how to breathe, it encourages them to take a look at their breath and make changes by themselves.

Why I made this?

Since I started diving in the summer of 2017, I have fell in love with the under water experience: I had to constantly control my breath — I need to breathe much deeper and longer to keep my buoyancy in water and also to save air. As a result, I felt so calm and relaxed, counting my breath, watching bubbles coming out. I realized that I have been breathing so shallow and fast every day, and almost ignore this vital life instinct and take it for granted.

People in our era, especially those in the cities, live in such a hectic lifestyle that many of us are experiencing more and more anxiety, stress and even insomnia. We are so busy in interacting with different external things that we forget to interact with ourselves.

So when back to the ground, I want to design a tool to help people interact with themselves through breathing — to slow down, to be more self-aware, to focus on the present and let the tension flows. Eventually, it might help users (including me!) build up a good breathing habit.

Design Diagram

To monitor user’s chest movement, I use stretch sensor (conductive rubber). I believe conductive fabric would be a much better choice as the rubber is quite narrow, making the monitoring not that accurate.

For bumping and sucking air from the balloon, I use Programmable Air by Amitabh Shrivastava , which is an Arduino-based Air Pump (Big thanks to Amitabh !! ).

breath mirror

Prototyping & User Testing

Round 1: Test the waistband design, fabric, conductive rubber, balloon design and user experience







Round 2: Changed the fabric, wiring and circuit







Round 3: Testing on the wiring and connection








Final Design


ITP Winter Show


33C180C8-63FC-436A-998E-02FD173A036F copy

pic 1

pic 3

pic 4

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